Optimized & Industry-ready Solutions



  1. Simulations and designs
  2. Panels constructions and installation
  3. Switchgear and substation construction and installation
  4. Electrical equipment’s procurement and supply
  5. Electrical equipment’s servicing and maintenance 



  1. Simulations and designs
  2. Field instrument device installation
  3. Field instrument calibration, functionality/loop testing
  4. Valves testing repairs and installation
  5. Instrument air package installation and commissioning
  6. Electronic and pneumatic instrument systems hook-ups
  7. Pre commission and commissioning of all industrial process instrumentation package and installations
  8. Procurement, supply and maintenance of field instrument devices and installations



 Over the years, we have developed capacity in the Procurement, supply, installation and maintenance of all process automation     systems and technology such as; Emerson Delta V, TRICONEX, DELL servers, Siemens S7 PLC’S and Allen Bradley ControlLogix Etc.



  1. Structurer fabrication and installation
  2. Piping /spools fabrication and installation
  3. Supports fabrication and installation
  4. Construction of process skids and installation
  5. Sectional/Total replacement of corroded and damage process piping and structural systems
  6. Mechanical material procurement and supply



         Our services and technical capability also covers but not limited to the following:

  1. Corrosion engineering designs
  2. Metallurgy and material selection
  3. Installation of Internal and external corrosion monitoring system for process piping and storage systems
  4. Installation of cathodic protection systems
  5. Coating systems both onshore and offshore
  6. Anti-corrosion materials procurement, supply and maintenance